MicroBacter Lattice Nitratz

Nitratz High-Porosity Filtration Medium for All Freshwater &s; Marine Aquariums.


  • Nitratz, small size, high porosity filtration medium for use in ponds and large marine or freshwater aquariums.
  • Provides huge amounts of aerobic and anaerobic surface area for efficient bacterial colonization.
  • Provides over 7,500 square feet (700 square meters) of surface area per liter of medium.
  • When properly colonized, and used as directed, it will reduce toxic ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates to near zero in ponds and aquariums.
  • Also reduces phosphate significantly and dissolved organics.
  • Works excellently as the only filtration medium for the aquarium or pond or may be employed in addition to other filtration media.
  • Works well for tropical and cold water marine systems. Works well in fish only, FOWLR and reef systems. Also works well in all freshwater and brackish systems to provide primary or additional filtration.


250ml | 500ml | 1,000ml | 2L

Instructions & Guidelines

Use 100 ml of MicrōBacterLattice per 10 US-gallons (40L) of aquarium capacity. Use more for heavier bio-loads. Rinse material well with aquarium water or purified tap water. For superior results, seed the material using FlorinBacter, MicrōBacter7 or MicrōBacterCLEAN, as appropriate for your aquarium, by placing MicrōBacterLattice in a plastic container, filling it with aquarium water, and then adding the full recommended dose of either bacterial product, based on the size of your aquarium, to that container. Allow to stand overnight and then add the seeded MicrōBacterLattice to your filter. You may also add the water back to your aquarium, if desired. It is recommended that you use sponge, fine filter floss or other mechanical filtration ahead of MicrōBacterLattice to prevent clogging with organic material. For maximum results, also provide a good carbon source for growing bacteria, such as Brightwell Katalyst bio pellets or liquid Reef BioFuel or Florin Axis, as appropriate for your aquarium, as directed on their label.

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