Microdiet for Planktivorous Marine Fishes, Corals & other Suspension-Feeding Invertebrates


  • Suspension of particulate, microencapsulated marine proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates
    fortified with complex and free-form amino and fatty acids, and vitamins important to
    immune system function.
  • Appropriate for feeding many LPS, zooxanthellate, and azooxanthellate soft corals, as
    well as gorgonians, anemones, and other solitary and colonial polyps, particularly at night
    when tentacles are extended to maximize chances of prey-capture.
  • Readily eaten by a multitude of reef-associated fishes known to feed on zooplankton and
    food particles drifting in the water column, including anemonefishes, basslets and
    pseudochromids, anthias, damselfishes and chromis, pygmy angelfishes, cardinalfishes,
    dartfishes, jawfishes, hawkfishes, wrasse, and many surgeonfishes.
  • Does not require refrigeration.
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