Freeze Dried Rotifers 75 to 200 micron For Small Polyp Stonies & Soft Corals, Polyps, Larval Fish and Filter Feeders


  • Freeze Dried Rotifers, 75 to 200 micron in size, ideal for feeding Acropora, Montipora, and other small polyp stony corals and soft corals such as Leathers, Mushrooms, Star Polyps, Zoanthids, and Palythoa. Also accepted by plantivorous fish and motile marine invertebrates.
  • Highly digestible and readily taken
  • High protein, easily soaked with vitamins, fortifiers


5g | 25g | 55g | 100g

Instructions   Guidelines

Store tightly closed in a cool dry location. For best results, shut down pumps. Mix 1 to 2 level scoops (use enclosed scoop) of rotifers with 1 to 2 ounces of filtered water and you should fortify with MaxAminō, Kōralle VM, Coral Aminō, Vitamarin M, Vitamarin C or Restōr or a combination, as desired, per 20 gallons (76 L) of system capacity. Allow to soak for 5 minutes. Use a syringe to target feed or broadcast feed, as desired. Rotate with other Reef Blizzard foods, Reef Snow, Micrōvore, Zooplanktōs, Phytoplanktōs, and Phytochrōm to provide a wide range of nutrition for your animals. Do not overfeed!

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