Advanced filtration media to reduce ammonia, ammonium, chloramines,

and latent dissolved organic material in all aquaria, and in shipping bags


• Blend of specific ammonium-adsorptive zeolites and premium next-generation, enhanced

   activated carbon. Significantly higher performance characteristics than products utilizing

   traditional activated carbon and/or zeolites that are only functional in freshwater.

• Quadruple-action removes ammonium, ammonia, chloramines, and dissolved organic

   material, and then facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancing

   oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and promoting water quality.

• Carbon features high capacity for organic removal, high Iodine number, and minimal dust.

• Average particle size encourages optimal flow and effectiveness.

• May be used in all freshwater, brackish, and marine aquaria; safe for marine invertebrates

   and ornamental freshwater crustaceans.

• May be used as a transportation aid in bags used to ship aquatic organisms; effective for

   up to 72 hours when used as directed. 

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